How it Works

Post a Job

Post a job on goLance for your project and you will be provided with a list of recommended freelancers who match your requirements.

Invite Freelancers to Apply

goLance always provides a list of competent freelancers, so rest assured you will find many candidates who match your requirements. At this point, you can either invite some of these individuals, or sit back and let them come to you. The choice is yours!

Set Milestones or Hire by the Hour

Once the project has commenced, you will have the opportunity to monitor the progress of your project with the help of milestones, or set an hourly rate for your freelancer's time.

Dynamic work tools

Enhanced Work Diary

Use the Work Diary for an overview of your monthly gigs. The Work Diary is designed to improve communications between our clients and freelancers. You can leave comments, make notes, add updates, and even compare past and current job performances.

Clear Reporting

Account for every last penny. Identify where you spend the most hours. Know your project status at a glance. We’ve made our reporting metrics not just convenient to navigate, but also easy to understand.

Get Cash Back When You Hire with US!

Our model allows goLance to put 5% cash back when you link a bank, and 2% cash back when you use a debit/card as your payment method.

You can then use this cash back to cover bonuses, hire more freelancers or just pocket the benefit.

With cash back and NO FEE to clients, we make it easy to hire your team on goLance.


Freelancer Recommendations

Spend less time searching and more time on other areas of your business. We assess your requirements and find the best freelancers to get the job done. You will have full access to their reviews, portfolio, ratings, and resume to help you hire the right talent for your project.

Dynamic User Overviews

Know your freelancers. Profiles are built to house resumes, bios, reviews, work samples, social links and more! Remember, goLance profiles are a two-way street. Clients can access profiles to consider candidates and freelancers can use this information to decide on whether to send a proposal. Either way, this transparency is one of the most credible features of the goLance platform.

Tailored Search Solutions

Our dashboard has been designed, tested, and optimized to provide clients with the most convenient system for hiring freelancers. What’s more, freelancers can search through jobs from all over the world using various filters for skills, rates, and even locations.

Hourly or Fixed-Price Contracts

Aside from hourly contracts, there are fixed contracts for a set rate. No matter which contract is agreed upon, clients have the ability to send bonuses to their freelancers at any time.

Find the expert you need, right now

Hire qualified and verified freelancers from all over the world.

Manage your entire project with goLance. Pay safely and securely.

No upfront payment, no hidden fees.