How it Works

Build Your Profile

Impress clients by completing tests, uploading portfolio items and filling out your goLance profile with previous job experience.

Apply for Jobs

Search through our list of available job offers for projects that fit your skills and compensation requirements.

Start Working

When the client determines if you are right for the job, you can get hired and start working.

Get Paid

You can get paid weekly for hourly contracts or upon completion of each milestone for fixed-price contracts.

Dynamic work tools

Get Ahead with the goMeter Time Tracker

Understand exactly where you spend time on your projects with our smart time tracker. goMeter is a simple app. It helps freelancers improve productivity, and gives clients a better understanding of how much time is needed for a project.

Enhanced Work Diary

Use the Work Diary for an overview of your monthly gigs. The Work Diary is designed to improve communications between our clients and freelancers. You can leave comments, make notes, add updates, and even compare past and current job performances.

Clear Reporting

Account for every last penny. Identify where you spend the most hours. Know your project status at a glance. We’ve made our reporting metrics not just convenient to navigate, but also easy to understand.

How does billing work?

Hourly contracts: You work and invoice clients on Monday. They have 5 days to review the work. By Wednesday, clients pay.

Aside from hourly contracts, there are fixed contracts for a set rate.
No matter which contract is agreed upon, clients have the ability to send bonuses to their freelancers at any time.

Get Paid Even Faster with Payday Advance

Get a cash advance when you need it prior to the completion of your current project.

Need money in a pinch? Once approved, hourly goLancers have access to instant cash, even during the review period. We believe you should have your money the moment you want it.

So we’ve created a system where you can bypass the review period and get your money out whenever you want for a small fee.

Having access to get cash quick
when I need it most has been a lifesaver.

That’s what it’s like to be a trusted goLancer.

Chris Swanger
Freelancer / Agency Owner

Payment method options

goLance gives you many options to withdraw your funds.

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